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The Toolkit

Technologies and stakeholders

Edtech ecosystem

A tool to visualise interrelated technologies, conditions, and practices.

Stakeholder expertise map

A tool to map the range of edtech stakeholders and distributed expertise.

Glossary hub

A tool to highlight key concepts and terms which can inform stakeholder dialogue.

Issues and possibilities

Issues register

A tool to explore socio-technical issues from around the world plus expand multi-stakeholder knowledge sharing.

link to investigating

Possibilities matrix

A tool to brainstorm non-technical alternatives and EdTech workarounds to identify varied possibilities.

Education counter-archive

A tool to explore how a range of technologies, stakeholders, and power relations shape socio-technical systems over time.


Community audit checklist

A checklist to enable a community-based audit of multi-dimensional risks.

Impact assessment mini-guide

A facilitation mini-guide to initiate stakeholder decision-making about algorithmic impact assessments.