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This section displays various EFS experiments which explain how automated systems work in clear and engaging ways. These tools are outputs from our collaborative work which aims to reach a wide range of academic, policy, and public audiences. The purpose of these tools is to critically learn about, and evaluate, existing socio-technical systems in education – plus identify new possibilities and alternatives.

UK Exam Algorithm Game

Can an automated algorithm make human grading fairer? An algorithm game invites you to learn and think about how algorithms work, such as how different inputs lead to different outputs. Our game is based on the UK exam case to surface the complexity of fairness issues in using algorithms for allocating student grades. Let’s start.

Automated Essay Scoring (AES) Exploratory Tool

What are the social, technical, ethical and political dimensions of AES? This exploratory tool will guide you through the key issues, takeaways, questions, and recommendations identified from our AES white paper and policy brief. You might find a few things you wanted to know about AES in Australian schools but didn’t know how to ask.