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EdTech Assessment Toolkit

Community audit checklist

A checklist to start a community-based audit about multi-dimensional risks

How to use the audit checklist

Fill out this checklist to discuss risks and impacts in your context
Identify whether these impacts have been addressed plus which mitigation measures are necessary
This checklist can be used to inform discussions about edtech assessment with diverse stakeholders


There is currently no education-specific audit checklist for school and university community stakeholders to assess EdTech risks, impacts, and mitigation measures. Audits have traditionally been conducted in a siloed way, and often at a distance from the everyday practices of educators and students. For example, traditional audit styles include: first-party audits (conducted in-house/internally within an organisation), second-party audits (contracted with profit or nonprofit vendors), and third-party audits (independent researchers/journalists/entities with no contractual relationship to audit target) (AI Now Institute, 2023). There is growing interest in community and collaborative approaches to auditing, which are still underexplored (Vecchione, Baroca & Levy, 2021).

Audit checklist