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EdTech Assessment Toolkit

Possibilities matrix

A tool to brainstorm non-technical alternatives and edtech workarounds to identify varied possibilities.

How to use the possibilities matrix

Explore the matrix examples to explore how possibilities can provoke new ways of revising, or rejecting, how particular technologies are introduced into your education context
Select a technology which you would like to apply this matrix to
Use the matrix grid to document your ideas about alternatives and workarounds that can shape edtech dialogue and decision-making about your chosen technology


Finding alternatives to edtech is about critically and creatively exploring potential and possible futures in education which don’t rely on over-centralisation and excessive commercialisation (Selwyn et al., 2020). This requires new ways of re-imagining education and the role of emerging technologies. For instance, exploring not just everyday alternatives, but also speculative and utopian approaches which contest the assumptions and hype of edtech  (Macgilchrist, 2021).

Possibilities matrix